Health Delivered To Your Door

New Year, New Production Kitchen!

I am so pleased to announce the Sassygrass Foods has moved our production kitchen to the island and partnered with The Surf to bring health to this vibrant community!

Please note that The Surf is not our store-front or retail location, nor will our juices be available for purchase in their cafe. It is just where we will produce our juices for the time being. So, if you go to The Surf and ask for Megan or Sassygrass, you will be sorely disappointed that we will not be there. :)

As of January 6th, we have officially passed inspection in their kitchen and can resume sales. See the order page for delivery dates. We will be doubling up for a few weeks since so many of you have been waiting in the wings while we transition to the new kitchen.

We will also begin selling at the Fernandina Beach Farmer's Market. Dates will be announced soon.

Thank you for your patience as we transitioned to the island, and we look forward to serving you soon! <3